WINGNUT AR is leading the way in the creation of Augmented Reality experiences.

AR is going to change the world in exciting and entertaining ways and we are at the forefront of this new entertainment medium.

We are a highly creative team based in Wellington, New Zealand, led by acclaimed movie director Sir Peter Jackson. We are exploring how AR can be used to entertain and delight and working with some exciting and amazing AR hardware to do it.

We presented in Apple’s keynote presentation at WWDC last year, and we are working with the world's leading augmented reality hardware companies to define the future of storytelling and interactive entertainment in AR.




Augmented Reality is going to change the world in so many exciting ways and at Wingnut AR we are shaping the future of this creative space. Wingnut AR is a small and highly talented team, and we’re looking to grow in a range of areas. Now is a great time to join us as you can be at the forefront of this new form of entertainment and help us define the future.



Their demo was mind boggling."
"This is one demo that you have to see on Apple's event video to believe it."